Welcome to our WordPress Blog! We’ll be posting about all things 3D Printing. Topics include: Education, Community, News, Events, Industry, Design, Software, and more. We love 3D Printing, and the community that supports it! We want the world to recognize all the amazing creators, open source contributors, industry innovators, teachers, businesses, and supporters.

We’re leveraging our strengths in web development, marketing, and data science to help 3D printing and opensource ideologies go mainstream.

Our goal is to collect, share, and deliver a fresh take on topics involving 3D printing. We are committed to promoting not only great content, but the creators and sources of our research. We’ve analyzed thousands of pages of content to bring you the best of education, inspiration, news, and entertainment.

If this is our only post, then congratulations – you’re an early adopter! We’re still ramping up so check back soon and please smack, crush, annihilate, or simply press that follow button to connect with us. 3DPrinter.FYI is still under construction, but we’ll be launching soon.

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